How to survive a family camping holiday!

Happy family camping in tent

Research, test, think, repeat
Jumping into the world of camping and the choice of camping sites, locations, amenities, supplies (not to mention the actual tent you will camp in) can be really daunting. But, the power of the internet is with you, with reviews and recommendations for the best (cheap) camping supplies and family tent, what could go wrong?
There are tents for all budgets and sizes; so (if you can), borrow a tent before you go and test it out in your back garden. You will then know how to put it up, if it is big enough and what you’re looking for. A test run also lets the kids know what they are in for (before they find themselves in a field with sheep and no internet). The next stop is to go to a camping store and choose your new canvas home, sleeping bag and maybe even a luxury camp bed.
Prepare, prepare, prepare
You know how you can pack the change bag or kids school bags the night before and be ready to walk out the door in the morning? Just upscale it for the camping trip.

Have a list of all you need and take handy essentials:
Spare clothes in case it is extra muddy
Extra blankets as it’s colder than you think at night
Quick and easy meals and snacks
Downsize your condiments and herbs and don’t over pack on food
Batteries, torches, candles, matches, toddlers travel potty and a lot of wipes
Entertainment like cards or board games

Here are some handy tips to help your trip go more smoothly...
Think ahead for rainy and sunny activities.
A battery powered radio is a great item to have, so that if you are stuck in the tent for a few hours in the rain you can dance, sing and mess about until you escape. Have a list of local indoor activities – museums/cinemas/soft play/swimming pools you can use if it is too horrible to be outside. But if it is sunny, pack a picnic, plan a route, go explore the great outdoors and have a family adventure!
Childhood memories are made of stuff like this ‘Remember when Dad burnt the sausages when we went camping and had to get fish and chips instead?’ or ‘Remember it rained so hard when we were putting up the tent that we ended up toasting our marshmallows on the trailer tent cooker?’. They become family fun times when you look back.
In essence, camping is a great family activity, no TV or WIFI, especially if you pick a good place to sleep and a good sense of adventure…and if all else fails maybe try glamping with an en suite shower next time?