Spring beauty… simple tips that work!


Changes in weather can be really unkind to the skin and the arrival of a new season is the perfect time to reassess your beauty regime accordingly. Incorporating new products adapted to your skin’s constantly developing needs is important in order to deal with changes in climate, sun levels and other elements. Simple beauty tricks can really work wonders.
Always Use An SPF
Always ensure that your day cream has an SPF, to give yourself some protection against UVA and UVB rays as the sun gathers strength. We often forget how strong the sun can be at this time of year and a SPF is essential to protect skin against sun damage and premature ageing. Remember that it’s UVA rays that are present all year and they are the ‘A’geing rays.
Start Taking Supplements
If your skin is feeling tight and looking dry and flaky after the harsh effects of winter weather and central heating, make sure you increase your hydration levels by using a moisturiser high in
humectants such as Hyaluronic acid and rich in omega oils. Increase your daily intake of omega supplements, these will help your skins hydration levels to function more efficiently, restoring its barrier function for a more protected skin while removing your post winter look.
Focus On Cleansing
Spring is the perfect time to invest in your cleansing regime to reveal clearer, brighter, glowing skin. Spend 1-2 minutes working with your cleanser in upwards circular motions to clean deep into the pores, focusing on any congested areas with smaller circular motions. Give yourself a cleansing challenge, focus on a good cleanse daily - perfect for creating a clearer and healthier looking skin in a matter of weeks. Drink lots of water too.
Exfoliate To Banish Dead Skin
Slough off the dead and dulling skin cells of winter with gentle exfoliation. Use a gentle exfoliator that’s serum-based, twice a week instead of a harsh scratchy scrub that may damage the skin causing micro-tears and irritation.
An exfoliator that contains ingredients such as lactic acid and retinol to gently dissolve the ‘glue’ between dead cells, releasing them for a controlled exfoliation without damaging action on the skin. This will allow your moisturisers to work more efficiently on the skin.

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