pitch perfect?!


Most campsites (including Caravan and Motorhome Club sites) don’t allow you to reserve specific pitches in advance, instead offering them on a first-come-first-served basis. You can however choose the type of pitch that you want - ie standard pitch with or without awning, serviced pitch etc. This depends on availability at time of booking.
When you do arrive at a site, there are some factors that you might like to consider before commiting to one of the available spots. Here sre some of the issues to think about...
It’s worth thinking about the gradient of your pitch so that your caravan or motorhome is level. In order to measure the gradient, place a spirit level on the floor as close as possible to central part of the axle.
While we all enjoy staying in the outdoors, Mother Nature can also create some inconveniences! Trees, for example, can offer much needed shade during warmer months but can also drop sap, leaves and seedlings which can potentially stain surfaces. Trees can also affect your televison signal, while plantlife and site geography can also make a difference to your Wi-Fi signal strength. Consider where the sun will be at different times in the day. Some people like to enjoy breakfast in the sunshine whereas some like to spend an evening watching the sun set. Take a compass with you, or use a compass app on your smartphone, to make sure that you are facing your preferred way.
Streams can be a lovely natural feature, and a great place for children to explore while supervised, but remember that on a rainy day like we get frequently, they can be prone to flooding.
During wet periods the ground can become soft and boggy, which is not ideal for a heavy motorhome. If the pitch is a little soft under foot, position your tyres on grip mats to prevent sinking and to assist when leaving the pitch.
You may want to seek out a pitch in a quieter spot, site staff will try and help you. Luckily, most modern caravans and motorhomes come with blackout blinds, so lights shouldn’t be too much of an issue at night.
All Club sites have fresh and waste water facilities and almost all pitches have electric hook-up (unless you specifically choose a non-electric economy pitch). Wiring regulations in the UK require the use of a 25-metre electric hook-up cable on campsites. For health and safety reasons on Club sites, only single cables are used. Families may prefer to to be close to a play area for convenience and in order to keep a close eye on their little ones. Some Club sites offer lovely dog walk areas too which is great.
For more information visit: www.camc.com