National Smile Month – what can you do for a beautiful smile?



It’s National Smile Month 15th May-15th June and at Binley Woods Dentistry we like to celebrate all things dental health!

So we’d like to share some of our professional advice to families to help ensure you keep your teeth for life.

First of all you need the tools - a tooth brush changed every 3-4 months - sooner if it becomes worn as these won’t clean effectively, same goes for electric toothbrush heads. So if you haven’t had new toothbrushes since Christmas, you’re overdue - put them on your shopping list! We need to brush twice a day for two minutes at a time with a fluoride toothpaste. Children up to the age of seven years should be supervised whilst toothbrushing as they may not have the manual dexterity to reach all areas of the mouth and still may need a little help. It’s vitally important to teach good oral health habits from an early age – baby’s teeth should be brushed as soon as they erupt. Use a tiny smear of baby toothpaste until they can spit well, around 2-3 years. If they just chew the toothbrush that’s fine, it will still get them used to the feel of a brush in their mouth. Starting good dental habits early will help prevent dental disease in your child and allow them to take the messages into adulthood, hopefully resulting in good dental health for life! Prevention is key.

Cleaning in-between with dental floss or similar helps dislodge food debris and plaque bacteria that accumulates in these areas.
Dental decay is caused by sugar – the more frequently it’s consumed, the higher your risk. Keeping bacteria to a minimum with good brushing will help, but keeping sugar ‘attacks’ minimal is also vital. That means not snacking on sugary drinks and foods inbetween meals. Tooth friendly snacks include cheese and crackers, breadsticks, vegetable crudities or a slice of bread and spread.

Finally, make the use of your dental professionals.
Visit your dentist or dental hygienist as often as they recommend and take your child to the dentist from an early age to get them used to the environment. Regular dental visits help
spot potential problems early, the team can advise on preventative care, help plan for healthy teeth for your family as well as provide the treatment you need.
Modern dental techniques and preventative dentistry makes things so much easier for the dentist and patient!

Best wishes from us, look after your teeth, enjoy the sunshine and SMILE.