How about an at-home ‘nacial’?



Use a scrub on your hands and wrists, and don’t forget to rub some under your tips (use a cotton bud), where dirt can easily get trapped.


Massage in a hand cream, then swipe nails with a remover to get rid of any oily residue before painting them. Use twice a day and before you go to bed.



Ensure that your nails are dry, if you file them when they are wet you may cause them to split. A rounded shape is best for weaker nails, while stronger nails can go pointier or square shaped.


Taking off the top layer will remove residual varnish, smooth ridges and help naked nails to look healthy. Too much buffering can cause damage. Use the smooth side of a buffer for a high-gloss finish.

Cuticle care

Apply a hydrating oil to cuticles, the gently push them back with a manicure stick. Cuticles protect nails from bacteria, so avoid cutting them. If you have a hangnail just trim it with clippers.


Nail Repair Kit

If your nails bend or break as soon as they grow past your fingertips, treat them to Rimmel London Nail Nurse Stronger Nail Base £4.49 Boots


Over-buffing can cause peeling. Try OPI Sensitive & Peeling Nail Envy Nail Strengthener £18.65 Boots


Do your nails have an uneven surface? Use Nails Inc Prime Time Mineral Primer which is a base coat, ridge-filler and concealer all in one £9 Boots


Sometime red or dark polishes leave stains, the Barry M Mani Mask in something like Bamboo Pink camouflages stains while providing tender loving care. £3.99 Boots


Top Tip

Not ambidextrous? Not many are! To minimise the risk of manicure slip ups, paint your dominant hand first and work from your little finger to your thumb (which tends to rotate inwards as you go, so could easily smudge. Don’t forget to swip a coat of polish across your nail tips to prevent chips.


Operation Clean-up

It’s best to use an angled brush dipped in nail polish remover to tidy up little mistakes, try the Spectrum A17 Precision Angled Brow Brush £4.99 Boots.