Remember these lovely Christmas Eve traditions :)




  • Twinkling walk

Wait until it is dark and head out on a lovely family walk around the neighbourhood to spot all the twinkling fairy lights. The streets always look magical lit up ready for Christmas and you can stretch little legs to help children get a good night's sleep on Christmas Eve with all the excitement ahead. Steaming mugs of hot chocolate are a great and yummy way to warm up when you get back home after your walk.

  • New snuggly pyjamas

Wrap new Christmassy cosy pyjamas and slippers as a separate present for Christmas eve. It makes  getting ready for bed even more fun, and you can often tempt them into their snuggly new pyjamas early (and then cosy up with a movie or story before heading to bed).

  • Sprinkle reindeer dust

Light the way for Rudolph and his friends with reindeer dust. It's easy to make - just mix porridge oats with glitter and put the mix in a little packet to give to your child. The oats might blow away by the morning (Rudolph has probably eaten them) but the glitter sparkles are still there!

  • Christmas dinner for the birds

Head outside to the garden and hang bird food or feeders for the birds so they have their own Christmas dinner the next day. You can also decorate branches and trees outside too for some extra festive cheer.

  • Christmas service

Visit your local church to hear the traditional nativity story, sing carols and enjoy the festive  atmosphere.

  • Food for Santa and Rudolph

Santa needs food and drink to help keep his strength up on his busy night - so put out a little glass of something he likes and a mince pie.