lovely Christmas crafts to get involved with…

6-1024Sparkly Pine Cones

Gather pine cones on a woodland walk and make sure they are nice and dry. Then spray on gold or silver spray or simply paint the edges with blobs of white paint to look like snow. You can add glitter for a bit of extra sparkle too. Place large ones on the mantelpiece, or twist wire to the ends to make a hanger, these look lovely on the tree!

Glitter Balls
Make a plain and boring bauble sparkle by covering it in glitter.

Button Baubles
This pretty bauble is simple and easy to make. All you need is a polystyrene ball, pins and buttons of all shapes and sizes. Pin each button into the polystyrene with a pin for a funky, colourful baubles.

Threaded Popcorn
Another traditional one. Thread popcorn onto string cotton and drape around the tree! It looks amazing!