FREE ‘Be Dog Smart’ workshops… be safe around dogs


3There is no escaping the fact that dog attacks are on the rise. The rate of hospital admissions for dog bites is highest among the 0-9 year old age group.

In a recent survey, 98% of parents were unaware that there are over 20 signs that a dog may be feeling uneasy or aggressive. Shockingly, over half the children surveyed thought that a growling dog was smiling.

In response to these statistics, Dogs Trust Education and Community Officers are delivering free dog safety lessons to children and parents as part of our  Be Dog Smart campaign. The Be Dog Smart campaign aims to educate the entire community on how to stay safe around dogs. By teaching children to always ask the owner before they approach a dog, and what to do if they are scared of a dog, will help keep children safe. Building Confidence Around Dogs is our newest programme to  support children and families who may be nervous or unsure around our four-legged friends. The activities for parents and children on how to manage these fears to ensure everyone can live together safely and happily at home and in the community.

'Be Dog Smart' resources are also available to download free at

If you would like to arrange a 'Be Dog Smart' workshop or  know any child who you feel this would benefit from overcoming their fear of dogs, please contact either Anthea Holloway at or phone on  01926 486019 or please contact Sarah Saunders at or phone on  01509 882965