Get crafty for Christmas!

It’s that time of year when kids start looking forward to the magic of Christmas. Of course, for parents, it might not be so magical. With all the school plays, parties and shopping to prepare for. It can all get too much for the little ones (and big ones). So how can you slow it down a bit?
One thing you can do is create some time to craft. Getting the kids to sit around making Christmas decorations or anything really, that they want to make helps them focus and gives you the time to spend with them.
Here are a few ideas.


•Coloured or white card
•Small Googly Eyes
•Sequins, feathers, pompoms, stickers
•Coloured pens

Cut out tree shapes from card. It can be white or any other colour. Punch a hole at the top of the tree. The kids can decorate them with sequins, feathers, pompoms or stickers. (notice I didn’t say glitter – avoid glitter at all costs!). Or they can draw baubles on the tree and colour them in. You can then string all the trees together (remember the punched hole you did)
to create bunting.

You can also use polymer clay to make the trees using cutters (but don’t use the cutters for food once used on the clay). And if you have any old beaded jewellery that you don’t wear, dismantle it and press the beads onto the clay. You might need to use craft glue for extra security. I use Bake and Bond which is especially for polymer clay. Craft glue will be fine as long as the beads are firmly pressed into the clay. The clay needs to be baked at 130C for 30 minutes.

Paper Chains
You might think they’re so easy because you can buy them already in packs. But your kids could make their own. Again using paper or card, they need to cut out strips. Then they can colour them or even paint them. It might be messy but so much fun and will keep them busy for, well, a few minutes! After the strips are dry or ready, add a drop of glue to one of the strip and stick to the other end. Each strip can be threaded through the ring to create a chain.

Go Crackers
Save up your kitchen roll tubes. Cut them in half. Kids can paint them or colour them. Think of some little prizes that can go inside like crayons, pens, hair clips, or scrunchies. You can wrap them in tissue or brown paper and tie the ends with cord or ribbon.
These are simple ways to create some time enjoying the season with your kids and they get time away from technology by using their imaginations to make lovely handmade Christmas decorations.

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