Top party bag ideas

editChildren love birthday parties and something to take home is an extra treat. Party bags are a great way of thanking somebody for coming to your party. But with mounting costs and the usual gifts seeming a bit tired and over-used, a less common replacement might be more appreciated. If you're looking for something a bit different from the traditional party bag why not try our fab ideas.

Fairy Cake Kit

A 'cake in a jar' kit is a great idea for a party gift. Simply pop into jam jars or small Kilner jars, measure out the dry ingredients into the jar and write on the outside what else they'll need to add. Finally decorate with a ribbon.

Grow your own plants

A packet of seeds, or a 'grow your own plant' kit from the supermarket, is a fun activity for your guests to take away with them. Unlike traditional party bag fillers, it's a useful gift that your guest is going to see the benefits of. This one is great for older children.


A book (or little collection of books) is a great gift for children of any age; they'll be able to benefit from reading it, they can keep it forever and the parents will appreciate you swapping sweets for a good read. Try looking for wholesale or 'job-lot' book offers online to really bring the price of this gift down - and make sure the books you find are age appropriate.

Decorate your own bag

You can buy (or even make!) some plain fabric bags to give to guests at your child's party, and use it as an idea for a party activity while you're at it. Lay out some feathers, buttons, glitter and pom-poms and a big bowl of PVA glue and let them decorate a party bag to whichever style they'd like. You could always then fill it with the traditional party bag usual's - whistles, bubbles and sweeties galore!

Paint a picture

Painting a picture is a great activity for the party, and better still they can take the picture home with them as a memento of the fun they have had.


Make a sock puppet

Children love sock puppets, so why not have them make their own? Some funky socks and colourful bits and bobs (and lots of googly eyes!) to decorate them with are all you need, and you've got a fun activity and a party memento that didn't cost you a fortune.